Oil & Gas Drilling

Water. It’s critical to your oil and gas operations. But you can’t trust your water supply to just anyone. You need a reliable, capable, experienced water well drilling company that knows the Texas oil industry. You need a company like PC Drilling & Service on your side.

Santa Rosa Water
We focus on Santa Rosa water supply wells in the Midland Basin. Santa Rosa water is a cost-effective, more environmentally friendly alternative than fresh water.

Why Santa Rosa water?

  • A cost-effective frac water supply in the Permian Basin
  • Higher capacity than shallow fresh water wells
  • Conserves fresh water supplies

Other Oil & Gas Services

We also specialize in drilling for the oil and gas industry down to 6000 feet.

  • Water supply wells
  • Injection wells
  • Oil and gas
  • Surface and intermediate casing

Your job is hard enough. Don’t make it harder by choosing the wrong water well drilling company. Contact PC Drilling & Service today.

When it comes to your oilfield water needs, we know the drill!